Moving to Texas or
relocating within the state?

Make your transition smoother and greener with J&H Energy
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As a premier energy consulting firm based in Houston, we understand the unique energy challenges that homeowners and businesses face.
At J&H Energy Consultants, we are committed to helping you navigate these complexities with ease, providing solutions tailored to your specific needs.

We've got you covered

Reducing energy Costs

Struggling with high energy bills? We perform audits, pinpoint inefficiencies, and guide you to significant savings.

Sustainability consulting

Want to reduce your carbon footprint? We advise on renewable energy options and green building certifications.

Energy Price Forecasting

Uncertain about future energycosts? We forecast prices, help plan ahead, and advise on long-term investments.

Securing Energy Supply

Worried about power disruptions? We suggest robust backup solutions, like generators, battery storage systems, and microgrids.

Navigating Energy Plans

Navigating texas's energy market can be complex. We analyze your usage and recommend cost-effective, eco-friendly power companies.
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Take charge of your power

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Setting up a new home or business?

Make smart, cost-effective energy choices.
Make smart, budget-friendly choices for your energy needs. We know the Texas energy market and local rules can be tricky. So, we save you time by getting the best rate with our partners.  If you're a business customer, send us an email. Our team can help you pick the right power company, find ways to save energy and look into green energy options.

Be part of the solution

Join the growing number of newcomers and local Texans who are saving money and reducing their carbon footprints.
At J&H Energy making a meaningful difference in our community is priority. Our commitment extends beyond providing eco-friendly and cost-saving energy solutions. We proudly allocate 10% of our profits to Compassionate Hands Housing, supporting the creation of personalized care homes. These homes offer a nurturing environment to individuals with diverse needs, including those with disabilities, developmental challenges, and special requirements. Through our partnership with GLH, we not only aid in housing the most vulnerable, but also uphold our dedication to social responsibility and community care. Together, we are powering change—one home, one life at a time.


Don't just take our word for it. Hear from our satisfied clients.

The Martinez Family

J&H Energy helped us transition smoothly into our new home in Houston. They assisted us in choosing the right power company and identifying opportunities to save energy. We're saving money and helping the planet too!

XYZ Corp

We were overwhelmed with the move to our new office space. J&H Energy took care of our energy needs, auditing our space and helping us reduce costs. Their services are second to none!

Start your energy journey in Texas on the right foot.

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